Sidelining the Supreme Court’s order of a time slot of two hours of bursting only green crackers on the Diwali night ,we in Delhi gifted ourselves a choking city .Breathless is the word for how we felt post Diwali with Air Quality so poor and hazardous that had it been some other country a’ health – emergency” would have been declared !My numerous appeals to the administration and people via television and awareness camps went down the drain -nobody took it seriously .
We are now breathing  what some of our careless friends from the government ignored -smoke and toxic air !
Ofcourse the firecrackers are not the only factor ,there is unmonitored construction ,garbage burning in landfill sites ,traffic pollution ,stubble burning in neighboring states, industrial emission and so on .The state government draws a long face of its inability to execute policies because it is in disharmony with the centre .But tell us ,is that the answer to the hundreds who are rushing to hospitals with children and old parents ?
A late suggestion of odd -even is being thought about now -when its too late in the day ! If controlling pollution seems impossible kindly consult China -they brought down theirs to normal or at least engage someone like me to create a mass movement of awareness and citizen participation !


Why is the gov not doing more ?

A question every citizen must be asking themselves in cities and towns where breathing has become an exercise ! Bare minimum breath to exist is soon going to be a novelty in cities in the Northern belt .Delhi tops the ranking of being the most polluted capital in the world !!

As Delhi chokes and coughs the officials now run taking on a warrior mode to combat air pollution when the devil is hovering on our heads !! Too late ,too little !!

The tv channels are asking -why is the gov not doing more ?I have no answer to this question except that I promise to do my bit ,create more awareness in people ,organise free health camps for the poor to fight the allergies and asthmas and keep planting trees throughout the year ! A drop in the ocean but then every drop counts ,it is said !!fullsizeoutput_2403


Strength Of Small Steps

Pictures speak louder than words .
Social media is a strong medium to express our views and share our work and with Twitter ,Facebook ,Instagram and Medium its a never ending saga ! I’ve have been lately very connected to people through electronic media i.e. television .Being a spokesperson for not any political party but as a social worker and activist ,I have been supporting social causes varying from price hike of fuel affecting the common man to rape cases and lack of safety of women in India .
Lot has been going wrong on the environmental front -air pollution killing people ,lung diseases and skin allergies spreading like the plague ! The rivers Ganga ,Yamuna and Saraswati are choked with industrial waste, garbage and plastic .The governnment policies are yet not showing any fruitful results .
While the Rupee falls ,the common man suffers its trickling effect.
We in India stand at a confused crossing right now !

But we carry on passionately with our work – better community free health camps and environmental campaigns for saving the planet in our own little ways .


Tree For Life NGO keeping in rhythm with its mission of free basic health facility for all ,specially BPL families ,organised two major health camps in the first quarter of 2018 .

The camps which provided free health checkups included ECG ,Bone density test ,Lung capacity test ,blood pressure , sugar levels ,haemoglobin and HIV .There was  OPD consultation by doctors as well as a dietician who advised women ,men and children about  a correct and affordable nutrition plan as per their age and requirements .

Max hospital and Metro heart hospitals were our partners in these community health programmes .


Since November 2017 ,Delhites face a gas chamber like situation ,struggling to catch a breath of fresh air .The smog that built by burning of crop remains in neighbouring states has only added fuel to the fire .The city has its own challenges of air pollution  -construction sites creating dust  ,irresponsible garbage disposal ,burning of mountains of collective garbage ,pollution caused by vehicles and so on .

Despite the media and activists ,environmentalists shooting from rooftops and making polite moves with the authorities -nothing moved as yet .The NGT is still struggling to get a solution from the state !Health of the citizens is doomed as allergies and cancers ,lung diseases are in for a rise . The odd even never got implemented .The cricket match between India and Srilanka had cricketers playing with masks !! What a shame -time someone solved the Maze of the Haze !!


SEXIST REMARK -Creates fire


Minister in Maharashtra ,Mr Girish Mahajan made a sexist remark about how the sales of liquor can be boosted by naming it after a woman !! He made these crud and ugly remarks at a meeting with ample audience and got away with it !

Only after women activists forced an apology out of him ,did he apologise .

The media has brought this issue to the forefront ,while his government still defends as Ms Shaina calls it a” mere slip of tongue ‘on the News X  tv debate ! We are ashamed to have a woman  supporting this derogatory behaviour and defending him .On panel ,got an opportunity to share the feelings of  women across the world regarding such sexist comments .

Freedom of Press?Cartoonist Bala

As a panelist on a debate  regarding the highlighting of Mr Bala’s nude cartoon issue , sidelining and camouflaging what the real challenge was ,I am ashamed to be part of such a democracy !

Cartoonist Bala is being harassed for an expression of what he thought was a serious issue of the authorities negligence on preventing the collective  suicide by  a farmer and his family .Who is answerable for these deaths ?

The value of human life is zero and we are struggling with’ defamation ‘here !!

Let us  kill the real issues so that we may invest our energies on trivial things .