Etiquette – Hospitality and Service Industry


The very meaning of the word Rara Avis is ‘ very rare ‘. Its a French restaurant sitting in the heart of the buzzing Greater Kailash -II market .Had heard a lot about it so ventured one weekend   afternoon with a pal for lunch .The place was lean on crowd and the staff showed enthusiasm, which gently faded into oblivion as the meal began .

The bread basket had to be asked for, and the accompanying butter took 15 minutes to reach our table after much persuasion The lack of training showed further when the bearer poured my second drink into my used glass where ice cubes of the earlier drink were still floating! I was shocked as the French are known for their refinement! The only other people eating in the restaurant –  two tables away were complaining about poor and lame service too .Food was good but the experience surely gets skewed when it is not served timely and skillfully. Once can still be ignored, but I had the same experience – good food but bad service, the second time I went back there. So I am definately not recommending the place unless they pull up their socks and train their staff properly. If rara avis means very rare …it better be rare in its food and service both.


One thought on “Etiquette – Hospitality and Service Industry

  1. absolutely agree! unless service ina food joint is good, half the fun gets eaten up (pun intended). Keep up the good work Kavita. Maybe this way some people will pull up their socks.

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