Ettiquete-Hospitality and Service Industry

Cafe Delhi Heights

Third Floor ,Ambience  Mall is the home of a 1ooseatereating delight  by the name of Delhi Heights . Its hushed up in a corner but don’t be taken by that . Me and a friend strolled in for a chit chat . The place is warm and cheerful ,the staff happy and welcoming.

The food is creative ,each dish has a twist to it .The presentation of the dishes was good and the taste exotic .The music was of the 90’s and we felt real nostalgia which we cherished with red wine .There is a freshness about the place.I have yet to see good ,happy service in too many places . The staff needs to brush up on their English .The crockery cutlery is decent but a change in the curtains is recommended.

On the plus side this place will make you linger on for dessert and coffee because it gives you a comfort feel .

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