Social Ettiquete


Chivalry is flown out of the window, agreed ,but what about tiny,humble gestures of greeting each other “Good morning” when we wake up?  Kids today feel they are demeaning themselves when asked to greet adults .I have bumped into students from posh schools who would  not  even nod their heads to  greet you !They choose to ignore your very presence and indulge in mobile talk instead .

Whats education without social skills?Where have all our “sanskars” vanished or are we as parents failing to  pass on the essence of our culture to our children?

Forget manners in details , that’s food for thought for another day , but at least get the kids to acknowledge and greet us an show some respect ! Lets start  the ball by greeting them instead and get t out he ball rolling . Wear your lucky charm before setting out on this endeavor .

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