Art Of Gifting

The nip in the air is an indication of joyous festive times .Dusshera is round the corner and Diwali is bringing us tiny flashes of excitement even before its arrival ! Amidst all  this happiness there is an integral part to be addressed and that is the art of gifting !

What to gift ? Should it be wine,flowers,chocolates ?Does home decor interest my host more? What about my budget ..I tend to go overboard at times!Can I give gift vouchers to teenagers because they generally prefer to shop for themselves.What about house help..I dare not compromise in that department . Parents,cousins,friends,colleagues,staff …..I have a long list .

The roads are jammed already and I have this Herculean task .

The crux is to put your budget together and then divide it accordingly .Choose a day and place to shop …its easier done that way instead of running around before every invite !Donot gift just for the sake of it …enjoy the experience .Kindly put your heart and soul in it …because the host knows you from your gift .Keep it CLASSY .

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