MISS INDIA ELITE 2013 launch .

Attended by masters from various fields of glamour ,fashion ,beauty and grooming …MISS INDIA ELITE launch was a delight to be ! Hosted By Arpita Bansal and Sandeep artist it was a good start to better things coming ahead.Designers and gurus of different fields rubbed shoulders with one another .555980_463875220334450_1632965477_nmiss india 543671_10152527712570694_1153658157_Miss INDIA ELITE 579818_463876107001028_1768132306_nmiss india 531520_463876113667694_435654860_nmiss india 65268_463875163667789_410470193_nmiss india 537815_10152527800905694_21003286_miss india537815_10152527800905694_21003286_miss india65268_463875163667789_410470193_nmiss india531520_463876113667694_435654860_nmiss india579818_463876107001028_1768132306_nmiss india543671_10152527712570694_1153658157_Miss INDIA ELITE

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