INDIAN PRINCESS:beauty paegent2013

The Indian Princess event was hosted by Sunil Rane last evening.This is more of an open event where NRI’s could also participate for the title . Indian Girls from Nepal,France ,Bahrain ,Sri lanka ,Malaysia and many more nations walked for the title!!The evening saw two dance performances by all the participants together and was well choreographed .Great Going to all those who pulled it with so much effort:Ramon Lamba and Sunil Rane !!299848_10152608303840150_452074403_nindian princess

69653_10152608371420150_1325391644_nindian princess

182442_10152608499910150_509345180_nindian princess

576134_10152608331500150_2108300866_nindian princess576134_10152608331500150_2108300866_nindian princess69653_10152608371420150_1325391644_nindian princess182442_10152608499910150_509345180_nindian princess

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