A very happy Holi to all of you !
Enjoy every moment of this joyous festival of colors because it is an indicator of how simply joy and peace is multiplied when we forget our grudges and play Holi !Indulge in yummy food,sidelining your diet for a day and sing and dance.Just do not drink and drive !
Basic etiquette demands that we do not forcefully put color on someone, do rash driving,be abusive,act obscene!
Holi is pious and let us enjoy it that way with dignity and sanctity .

Tips:DSC04596 Use a lot of moisturiser today on the body ,it adds a layer to the skin and prevents penetration of colors.
Oil of coconut or olive work wonders too on hair and body both .Vaseline applied around nails will prevent them from looking ugly post Holi .

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