ON NATIONAL TELEVISION …. a youth related talk show

DSC04829A debate on national television discussing the pressure on youth of our nation from parents,schools and peers left me with moist eyes and a heavy heart .Though I support the view that education and society as a whole today demands too much from a child crushing his innocence with workload and multitasking ,my heart sank during the debate when all we educationists,parents and counsellors did was talk and go home !!We need to strategis eand bring in a system which lets our youth BREATHE .MR Kapil Sibbal brought in the CCE system which proves that assertively we can bring in changes and give our youth a better life .Seen in the picture are Geetanjali(Counsellor),Mrs Usha Ram ,Principal Laxman public School,Kavita Ashok ,author and etiquette consultant working with students and Arjun ,a 16 year old kid who climbed the Everest !

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