SARGAM …..Classical Indian festival







VIK_0670SARGAM the festival of classical music completed twenty years and the celebration was so appropriate with beautiful Indian classical music stirring the souls !Sunanda Pushkar Tharoor and Sonal Mansingh were the chief guests .Beautiful women filled the air, truly !Kumud Diwan and loveleen kumarsang like two birds and tears filled up my eyes when love beteen a man and woman became the theme of a THumri .The air was so pure ,filled with music ,I felt like taking on the onus of bringing our traditional,classical music to our youth ,revive it !Vishwamohan Bhatt ji mesmerised the audience with his music .Prateek chaudhary ,Ratan Kaul,Kavita ashok were seen in support of the revival of this music .Next time we should work on some advertising as the auditoriums should be packed for such amazing artists and music !

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