DSC05066The Embassy of South Africa celebrated the Birthday of Nelson Mandela today with kids from different schools .On this oc







DSC05074assion the Ambassador gave a heartwarming speech and interacted with the children.
Diplomats and children together sang ‘We shall overcome ‘and the auditorium was filled with inspiration and joy !Among the invitees were Padamshri Vikramjit Singh Sahney,Ex Ambassador of India Mr Mukherjee,Mr BhupinderSingh Suri from the Sports Authority of India,Kavita Ashok social activist and Director ICHR and Sharmishta from the Planning Commission of India.Hema and Ishwar pulled together the event supported by the staff and intern Roshni Ashok .Seen in the pictures are two young volunteers for the Cause Roshni and Suhani Ashok ,Kavita with Sharmishta,MR vikramjit sahney with Bhupinder Singh Suri and Kavita Ashok .

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