Poetic evening with Union Minister KAPIL SIBBAL

There is a fresh aspect to our Minister Kapil Sibbal which many are unaware of !! I have had two brilliant opportunities to listen to his poetry and was surprised with the number of Bollywood songs he has composed lately, some with LalitPanditIMG_1101




IMG_1121,Adnan Sami ,Preetam and Mika !!
Th evening lasted for three hours with two devoted to music and his poetry put into songs !! Mesmerising indeed .
The Ambassador of Polland is a great lover of Hindi and Sanskrit and it was beautiful to hear him speak !!
Tarek Azouz ,His Excellency Tunisia accompanied with his lovely wife Anna ,Mukesh Anand ,Mr Berry from the Taj group,Mr V.Balasubramanian ,Dr Sanjay Arora ,Ratan Kaul ,Mr Singhal,Mukesh Anand,Ajay Sharma from ASSOCHAM ,Aruna Vasudev all graced the evening .

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