The Indo American Friendship Association organised a panel discussion with some top brains of the country at India International Centre .Ambassador Surender Kumar opened the session with Mr H K Dua as the Chairman .Interesting views were put forth by Prof WPS Sidhu,SEnior Fellow,Brookings and Amb.Lalit Mansingh,former Foreign Secretary to UK and USA.DR Shashi Tharoor ,hailing from the Congress expressed mixed views and hopes.Management guru Gurucharan Das showed optimism in Mr



IMG_2314Modis new government .
To sum up ,the air was full of positivity and hope .As I was present at Mr Modis swearing in ceremony I added a comment that the aura of Mr Modi was immense at Rashtrapati Bhavan and the Head of States who attended the ceremony brought with them a ray of hope for a promising new relationship between India and its neighbours !

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