MATRABHASHA….HINDI evening dedicated to the language


IMG_2366The love for our national language or matrabhasha is an indication of our deep-rooted love for our nation . Be it the French ,Germans or the British ,each one takes pride in speaking their language.
India, sadly ,considers Hindi as a second language option .No doubt we are culturally blessed with umpteen regional languages in our vast land but the national language deserves respect !
Hindi Bhavan organised an evening where poets,authors and journalists shared views and suggestions to bring this language in the forefront and maximise its usage even in official documents .A book ‘Yatarth se Samvad ‘i.e. ‘Conversation with the present ‘was launched by bigwigs of Hindi literature .Written by Shri Gaur of the Gaur builder group it seemed like a promising read .Poets like’ Rahi “expressed love for the language .
The aura of the language became so strong that I recited the poem ,PHOOL KI CHAH …Desire of a Flower by Mahadevi Verma .It is one of my favourite Hindi poems .The theme of the poem is that the flower speaks to you and says please do not use me to decorate the hair of a beautiful woman ,neither a garland for lovers but please throw me on the path on which brave soldiers tread to fight for their country !!

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