A three day brainstorming convention was held at Los Angeles inclusive of all NRI’s and their families from 12th Dec to 14th Dec .

A vast plethora of topics were discussed and panels with experts from fields of finance,social activism ,women empowerment,spirituality ,infrastructure and investment opportunities in India brought new energy to the event .

Participants from all over US attended the event which concluded with a beautiful cultural evening .MIRACLEPHOTO-0130-2 MIRACLEPHOTO-0964-2-3 MIRACLEPHOTO-0466-3 MIRACLEPHOTO-0978-2 MIRACLEPHOTO-0496-2 MIRACLEPHOTO-0886-2 MIRACLEPHOTO-0924-2 I made a presentation about social and community welfare which drifted smoothly into the Women Empowerment Panel inclusive of women from varied fields in the US .

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