FUTURE OF GENERATION NEXT -Dialouge for leaders

On 4th April, the Brahmakumari Ashram hosted a talk concerning the challenges faced by the present youth and how families can cope with the changing scenario.Leaders from various fields were invited to put forth their point .

Leaders from Brahmakumaris spoke about –

how to preserve the value system ,whose responsibility it is ,spirituality in education,secrets of karma and balancing one’s life !!

I was fortunate to lead a group focusing on the point whether one should always listen to one’s inner voice ??

We as a society are grateful to Sister Asha ,Sister Denize and Sister Shivani IMG_0444 IMG_0451 IMG_0456 IMG_0463 IMG_0469who are forever selflessly serving the society and addressing one and all barring all walls of caste,colour and country !


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