When I was a little girl,my father in his Military uniform taught me this patriotic song saying that this brought about in him, great passion for his country !

“Saare Jahan se achha ,Hindusitaan hamara,

Hum Bulbule hain iske ,yeh gulsitaan hamaara …”IMG_4770 DSC05653 IMG_4326 DSC05603

meaning – my country India is the best in the world ,we are bulbuls( birds )  in this  garden of ours !

The meaning of freedom or Independence is best understood by those who have  lived otherwise . I am fortunate to be born in a free country .

Today I SALUTE all the brave soldiers,freedom fighters and leaders who gave us our most valuable GIFT OF LIFE – our independence !

A prayer of gratitude to all the soldiers who guard and protect our borders on land, water and air !

I vow to keep giving  my time ,mind ,body and soul to my country , INDIA .


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