Celebrations galore !!

Come monsoon and the women of Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh have a reason to rejoice .

A festival of song,dance ,swings,colourful ethnic wear and great food sums it all up into a mega event .Closely associated with the two states I enjoy the festivities since my childhood .

Always in a new saree and adorned with jewels I enjoy the Teej celebration .

The Delhi Study Group hosted Teej at Minister Shri Nitin Gadkari’s residence .

The chief guest was Ms Najma Heptullah ,joined by many Ambassadors and diplomats .Around three hundred people sat through the two hour cultural programme of dance and song.

I presented a folk song which though was not wholly understood by our foreign diplomats but appreciated because music itself has a soulful language .


  1. The Netherlands, Arnhem 17th August 2015,
    Kavita ji,
    You have been a great host. Your hospitality and vision of the festival was very much appreciated by
    our team. Best regards, Rajkumar Jagbandhan India, House Foundation

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