TV channels are flooded each week with new burning issues the country is facing ! In this turmoil ,the government is facing tremendous challenge as week  by week a new situation is cropping up in different parts of the nation .

Some of the issues on which I was invited as panelist were –

-the MCD strike in which all workers put the city to a halt .Garbage was thrown on the streets and the CM Mr Arvind Kejriwal and the BJP wherewith answerable to the public .The issue was pending salaries of these employees .Finally it was solved and salaries given .

-Second was the JNU protests followed by arrest of Student leader  Kaniya Kumar and his being beaten by lawyers .This created a movement  created ripple effects all over India ,which were carefully handled .

-Latest was the Smriti Irani issue in which her speech was taken offensively by the opposition and dharamguru’s .The HRD minister was said to have insulted Durga Ma by bringing up her name with reference to Mahishasur in an indecent account !

What is happening to us,where are we heading ?

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