Conference on Social Responsibility

The 5th International Conference on Social Responsibility -The Ethical Dimension was held on March 12th-13th,by Ramanujan college at the Bahai temple .

Eminent speakers like Ex Ambassador Shri Ashok Sajjanhar and Ambassador of Cyprus,Mr Demetri focused on how the world is facing challenges because we are not ready to take responsibility of our environment .

Quoting from the Climate Conference in France 2015,Mr Sajjanhar said -‘Developed countries have to change their pattern of production and consumption,urbanisation has to be eco-friendly and attention needs to be paid to greater energy efficiency ! ‘

The threat is that even if today the developed countries stop polluting ,it will take 200 years  for an entire cleansing of the environment .Very alarming research !

My initiative of the Stand alone spirit -ekala chalo ,do not wait but begin individual initiatives to save the environment was appreciated .

An interactive session with the audience was followed by tea .


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