An unique health camp was conceptualised by my NGO -Tree for life in collaboration with Metro heart hospital .Because I work on environment the camp was one of its kind ! Health is directly effected by what is around us -the air we breathe ,the cleanliness levels and the environment as a whole .

The health checkup which included ECG ,Sugar,BP monitoring and consultation with specialist were done by a very efficient team from Metro hospital and great mobilisation of people from seven slums and bastis was done by our venue partners at Kalkaji,Health Fitness Society .

To check the effect pollutants have on our lungs ,we had a lung capacity test -Pulmonary Function Test .It was encouraging to see the footfall at the camp .Nearly three hundred people walked in for a free health checkup .It was noted that 20% of the people had lung related problems ,mainly caused by pollutants in the air .Also there were more women who walked in for the checkup which is good sign ,as for centuries women in India have ignored their health !

Tree for lIfe gifted green tree saplings to be planted around the area for fresh clean air to breathe in the coming years !!

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