FEMALE FEOTICIDE – a big challenge

An hour’s show seemed small to sum up the perils to a woman’s life when she undergoes abortion after abortion in order to fulfil the dream of a baby boy for the family’s lineage !

Prime news invited me on their special episode of the show -Zindagi ,this time addressing the issue of female foeticide in India .The challenges of a woman who cannot make a decision about the birth of her child,the family pressure ,the financial burden of a baby girl blossoming into a bride with a heavy dowry were some of the unresolved issues .

Mohsin ,the host was really sensitive to the feelings of women on this topic .

Alarming statistics were shared by me . I had travelled to Rajasthan recently and shared about the informer’s fee of rupees two lakh the government is giving to anyone who informs of the couple and doctor doing the sex determination test with the intention of baby boy !Being the mother of two daughters I shared my personal experience too !

Government policies will blossom only when the mindset changes in every home !

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