NEXT PRESIDENT -Why not you ?

Our country elects its new president on 17 th of July.A country which swears about its democracy ,freedom of speech and justice stands struggling today for a non controversial candidate ! It maybe utopia but I want to ask a few questions .Why does the Head of State have to be a Dalit ,Brahman ,Sikh or so on ? Why the body of work and qualifications of the candidate not be the criteria for the selection for this august position ?

Why is there a need to vote for the most apolitical post upon party lines ? With due respect to all Nominees for this Presidential Election 2017 and without prejudice to their qualifications ,I, Kavita Ashok without any political lineage ,without any religious caste qualification ,solely based on the body of my work on environmental issues and social service, have filed my NOMINATION for this position .I ask support from the designated voters to vote using their conscience without the color of a party ,caste or religion .

Against all odds and without letting any of these factors dampen my spirit to serve,I seek the support of the nation and pledge to serve with dignity and honour that this august office deserves .




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