When we empower our women ,fifty percent of the population is empowered !!

In India,we call it the Adhi-Abadi ! One such motivational and inspirational workshop was conducted at Pullman hotel .The workshop,conducted by Social worker ,Environmentalist and President NGO Tree For Life -Kavita Ashok brought a positive note to the value system and thought process to the women present !

How women create a work life balance ,what are their challenges at workplace and how can one bring about harmony in career ,mind ,body and soul was the crux of the event .The Corporate sector women have their own challenges an hurdles ,a lot was shared heart to heart with the mentor by the lady staff members of the corporate world .

Women empowerment is not merely a term ,its a thought process which is seeing the light of the day by our joint efforts ! India marches  to  a bright future when women move hand in hand with men .


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