SEXIST REMARK -Creates fire


Minister in Maharashtra ,Mr Girish Mahajan made a sexist remark about how the sales of liquor can be boosted by naming it after a woman !! He made these crud and ugly remarks at a meeting with ample audience and got away with it !

Only after women activists forced an apology out of him ,did he apologise .

The media has brought this issue to the forefront ,while his government still defends as Ms Shaina calls it a” mere slip of tongue ‘on the News X  tv debate ! We are ashamed to have a woman  supporting this derogatory behaviour and defending him .On panel ,got an opportunity to share the feelings of  women across the world regarding such sexist comments .

One thought on “SEXIST REMARK -Creates fire

  1. Completely on point. This article is quite impactful. I mean shame on such people who makes such disgusting comments.

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