Strength Of Small Steps

Pictures speak louder than words .
Social media is a strong medium to express our views and share our work and with Twitter ,Facebook ,Instagram and Medium its a never ending saga ! I’ve have been lately very connected to people through electronic media i.e. television .Being a spokesperson for not any political party but as a social worker and activist ,I have been supporting social causes varying from price hike of fuel affecting the common man to rape cases and lack of safety of women in India .
Lot has been going wrong on the environmental front -air pollution killing people ,lung diseases and skin allergies spreading like the plague ! The rivers Ganga ,Yamuna and Saraswati are choked with industrial waste, garbage and plastic .The governnment policies are yet not showing any fruitful results .
While the Rupee falls ,the common man suffers its trickling effect.
We in India stand at a confused crossing right now !

But we carry on passionately with our work – better community free health camps and environmental campaigns for saving the planet in our own little ways .

One thought on “Strength Of Small Steps

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