Sidelining the Supreme Court’s order of a time slot of two hours of bursting only green crackers on the Diwali night ,we in Delhi gifted ourselves a choking city .Breathless is the word for how we felt post Diwali with Air Quality so poor and hazardous that had it been some other country a’ health – emergency” would have been declared !My numerous appeals to the administration and people via television and awareness camps went down the drain -nobody took it seriously .
We are now breathing  what some of our careless friends from the government ignored -smoke and toxic air !
Ofcourse the firecrackers are not the only factor ,there is unmonitored construction ,garbage burning in landfill sites ,traffic pollution ,stubble burning in neighboring states, industrial emission and so on .The state government draws a long face of its inability to execute policies because it is in disharmony with the centre .But tell us ,is that the answer to the hundreds who are rushing to hospitals with children and old parents ?
A late suggestion of odd -even is being thought about now -when its too late in the day ! If controlling pollution seems impossible kindly consult China -they brought down theirs to normal or at least engage someone like me to create a mass movement of awareness and citizen participation !


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