December 10th  is celebrated as ” World Human Rights Day “all over the world . The theme  this year given by the UN is – ” Stand up for someone’s rights’ !

Look within -are you stepping on someone’s human rights ,are you violating their right to equality ,speech ,live ,marry ,financial independence, education, expression of  thoughts according to their free will ? It could actually be your own family who is suffering – a parent ,a child ,or a spouse !

Poverty is the one of the primary challenges which will  be addressed in this year’s agenda .

It’s an year long celebration from Dec 10 2018 to 2019 .

Keep up the spirit and participate in awareness programs ,rallies and support activists dedicated the cause world over ! I will be doing my bit ,what about you ? I am humbled to share that a Hindi daily celebrating the World Human Rights Day choose me as the “Face of the Week “in lieu of the tiny efforts I have been making for the same .


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