Amazing it is when you go for a pilgrimage at the Sangam ,taking a holy dip at the confluence of the two rivers revered by the Hindus -the Ganga and the Yamuna and you come across something that catches your breath !

Its not just the very perfection of the Kumbh 2019 that Im mentioning here ,its also the thought that crossed the mind of the organizers !

As the efforts of the UP government shone through the whole fiesta of Kumbh ,each visitor was all praises for the security of the city .It was peaceful with no mishaps ,no stampedes or even eve teasing .I was there and so were many many women groups who enjoyed the freedom of dip at the Sangam because we all felt safe !

The camps were of all kinds, shapes and prices suiting each one according to their pocket .The food at the camp was good ,I was at Indraprastha ,with dropping picking facility also .The new train Vande Bharat started during the Kumbh from New Delhi to Varanasi via Allahabad was buzzing with radhe -krishna bhajans as it was majorly filled by visitors to the Kumbh . The train is fast and punctual but still has some teething troubles which I suppose are being looked into already .

Its heartening to see that at such a pious place the government had added the campaign – BĂȘti Bachao ,Beti Padao ! They had volunteers who were asking people to sign up as supporters of the campaign.It is good because besides me signing up on the big white board there were lot of people who seemed interested to take the pledge !

What a beautiful way to blend a spiritual event with such a good cause .Well thought of I must say .

The experience for the old ,the youth ,women ,NRI”S -all has been a memorable one .Hope we are able to attract a lot of tourist at the next Kumbh .

Jai Hind .


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