International Women’s Day 2019

A fest held at Ramanujam college ,Delhi to mark the International Women’s day was an amalgamation of music, comedy ,qawwali ,lectures ,plantation and eats !

NGO Tree for Life presented tree saplings to the college students to plant them on the campus . T-shirts were given to the volunteers of the women development and gender awareness cells of the college .Some students of SRCC college turned up to support Kavita Ashok in her endeavor of women security ,education ,health and awareness on this day .

Big sign boards were put up by my NGO  Tree for Life where thousands signed in to show support for the cause .The Principal Dr S P Aggarwal and Focus News Chief Editor Shri Chandrashekhar ji also inspired students to respect and value women in the society .

It was a full day ,closing it with a qawwali and presenting a plant and t-shirt to standup comic Manish Tyagi .I got to exchange my ground work experience in the field with the youth through a short speech and a day full of selfies with the young turks !

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