FIRST TIME VOTER -Election 2019

Youth is an integral part of any economy’s growth ,sustainability and a huge vote bank too .With the elections round the corner various political parties and their gurus are trying to woo this massive vote bank in their favor .

But the yuva of today is educated and aware -he uses social media ,follows the news and is politically savvy ! An interesting program organized by the National Youth Parliament and First Time voter .org was a debate of sorts -with questions from the audience and rounding up the experts of many fields .It was held at the Constitution Club Of India .Topics  burning for an answer like -Are democratic institutions free ?Women in parliament ,Forget Climate change we want growth !Free media cannot control fake news !set the momentum of the youth energy .

Students ,budding journalists and experienced adults all expressed with freedom of speech -like a democracy should be ! Kavita Ashok  rounded up two debates -on eon fakir’s media and the other on climate change . Answering a young debaters query she mentioned dhow a single person can make a difference ! She shared how her PIL for noise pollution in Kedarnath filed with the NGT got a sanction of 250 crores from the centre government to the Uttarakhand gov an da ropeway has been sanctioned to the shrine .Th ehelicopters making noise in the wild life sanctuary  are being monitored for height of flight  and noise created . She encouraged the youth to be the change they want to see . The other experts encouraged the young voters to step out and cast their vote in the coming elections .

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