YAMUNA – a poisonous tale

While we vote for Indian elections 2019 , I shudder to think what I vote for ?

A river catches my attention ,a river so sacred, so deep ,so ancient that I hang my head in shame standing on its banks .At The Chatt ghat ,me and my team cover our noses with handkerchieves and scarves not to inhale the toxic fumes rising there .

A tv channel does a show exclusively on the state of the Yamuna and many a times I have spoken from my heart about it .Is the awareness less or nobody is taking it seriously ?

Toxic water ,industrial waste ,tribes migrating from here to the Ganga banks ,stinky air ,dying fish ,construction along the Yamuna ,the Char Dham highway spilling the hotel -building material into the river ,sand mining ,untapped stone crushers –the list is exhausting .Moreover crores spent in the last 20 years on the 3 phases of the Yamuna action Plan show minimal results !

Would like to focus on the role citizens can play in keeping it clean .Stop polluting it with your domestic waste and religious material-maybe it could make an iota of a difference .We wait with bated breath for the incoming government to sit up and take action .

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