For The Love of BREATH

What is a life -rich or poor when one is gasping for breath ! Yes we are talking of cities in India where citizens are running short of breath ,kids missing school ,older parents rushed to hospitals ,asthma shooting up and allergies galore !!

A strong central government and a confused Delhi government ,the challenges are many ! Its not Delhi alone that I represent here ,it could be Kanpur ,Bangalore ,Jaipur ,Mumbai ,Gurugram or a tiny industrial town shrouded in darkness .Nobody breathes .

Blame game is on ,answers being dodged on television as we ask the politicians whats the value of our votes ? Where are the promises they made ?

The causes of pollution have been discussed dime a dozen times ,I have debated a hundred times myself ,be it at IIT or Harper Collins -nobody gives a responsible solution .

Environment activists like me will make noise till it is heard !

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