Political Gimmicks or true promises

India Ahead News took the Delhi Chief minister Mr Arvind Kejriwal to task after he proposed a very rosy picture of how the Delhi government would give full subsidy to anyone consuming  upto 200 units of electricity .There are more reductions of 400 units and so but it does not seem like a free package -Yes because there are no free lunches .

The rich and middle class ,the tax payers are overburdened in the Indian economy .The vote bank still lies with the poor and that is what he is trying to encash .As a socio-political activist I would love to believe this theory but let him not use the Robinhood syndrome on us Delhites .Take it from one hand and give it to the other !

I am unwilling to be fleeced anymore -be it subsidy or not .Honest taxpayers ,service class are bent backwards in any case , exhibit a theory of economics where all sections are benefitted . Vote banks are ghosting the very fabric of the nation .

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