World Environment Day 2019

While the world celebrated the World Environment Day on 5 th June with huge events and the UN dedicated a whole day to it ,my little NGO Tree For Life celebrated

it in a humble manner in Delhi ,the national capital .With the kids of government schools we organized a days event full of action and fun .

It wasn’t one of the political gimmicks where we see netas planting a sapling and the media goes clap clap .It was all work plus a lot of play too .

Little champions spoke about how they see their world ,what challenges they see and what can they do to bring a change ? We were surprised at the awareness these school kids had about pollution and global warming .litttle girls spoke about planting more trees around home and in school ,boys promised not to litter ,stop using plastic etc .It was an eye opener for me too -the society is aware already ! We need leadership to streamline it with volunteers and campaigns like the Swach bharat ! Draw and paint your world of nature I said to the students, what we got was amazing -an array of thoughts ,out of the box ideas and smiling faces .

To encourage these young stars we gave away prizes to participants followed by a hearty snack party .Then we got our hands dirty with real plantation in the huge school premises .

I slept so well that night ,thinking that this world is waking up to climate change ,global warming and love for the environment .A successful day !

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