Only when I bent down to fill Ganga jal ( water ) from the Ganga at Gangotri did I realize how colossal the river was ! Its stupendous flow and gurgling roar bought a shiver to me and I hesitated a bit -such is the gigantic holy river at its source .According to legend ,it is here that Goddess Ganga descended when lOrd Shiva released the mighty river from the locks of his hair .People of Uttarkashi address it as the Bhagirathi .At 10,200ft it has the most picturesque sights and a photographer can get confused which angle to take first -such is the royal beauty of this region .It is one of  the Chota char dham and pilgrims throng Uttarkashi in the season .At this time of the year ,it is serene with a few sadhus walking past you on the highway !

The exorbitant greenery is so lush that I wish I could bring it back with me to Delhi ! There is nothing petite and slender on this side of Uttarakhand .Mountains are humongous and the Ganga-inordinate ! There is plentiful of fresh fruits and vegetables-so organic that one tends to gorge on them all the time .The happiness quotient of the locals is very high -maybe I have not met more happy people in India .Nobody is complaining ! There are adventure camps for the nature enthusiasts ,organized treks for the brave hearts and lovers of the green mountains and tiny hotels all over to take a break .What more can one ask for when the clouds are on the road itself and its drizzling? The heart sings a merry song ,many a times creating a new symphony !!

Harsil is a picture perfect village where one can camp before heading to Gangotri .That drive from Harsil to Gangotri can beat any Swiss holiday .May I suggest more people visit these hidden jewels in our country and promote tourism in the state !

The environmentalist in me kept a keen eye on how the Char Dham Highway was being made and whether the taming of the mountains to make broader roads was safe enough as to not cause landslides and flooding in the future .It is quite clean but tourists litter it with plastic majorly and the locals do not have a organized disposal and recycling system .I did come across the mountain deer and exquisite bees and birds and promised  myself to keep working for the environment -saving forests and wildlife ! A must visit – Uttarkashi -Gangotri !

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