Climate Strike – a global phenomena

A little girl says “how dare you ” to state heads and mighty governments at the UN climate summit held in New York . Greta Thunberg , the Swedish girl is now synonymous with the climate change crisis . Friday’s for future is a worldwide chain of protests held by students , activists , environment lovers and citizen warriors. From 20 th to 27 th Sep 2019 India too is organising these protests in various cities . In my experience this is a landmark in environmental awareness and awakening ! We fight for forests , green cover , depleting rivers , desertification , fossil fuels , green energy , coal , mining , air pollution , water scarcity and toxicity and so on and so forth ! The list is endless and so is the josh ! ( energy ) My NGO Tree For Life puts up its tiny foot on the ground too , for millions are with me .. I’m not alone anymore !

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