The NO Singleuse-plastic campaign

The promises made at the COP14 and UN climate summit were encouraging for a green planet .India came forth as a promising world leader about  environment and we thought we would pioneer in a few projects ,now on .

Our NGO’s” Say NO to singleuseplastic” was planned on the same lines .A tiny campaign in which we spoke ,shared ideas ,distributed cloth bags to people on the streets ,slums and the educated lot to get the campaign rolling .Everybody we met was open to the idea of cutting out plastic from their lives! It encouraged me a lot when the media too did their articles and tv  shows regarding the same .

We have some challenges though – we do not have a ready substitute for  factories ,food delivery companies ,packaging industry and so on ! Enough recycling units have to be set up in India itself to meet the demand .Our waste disposal systems are weak and disorganized .Oceans and landfills overflow with plastic stuff .Tourists and local people together mess up beautiful lush hilly areas .Everything we eat ,touch ,gift or receive ,somehow has plastic associated with it .What to say of movie halls ,home delivery food chains ,biggies like Amazon , Nestle ,Zomato ,Swiggy and Flipcart !

There is a delay in the total implementation of the government campaign.My little vibrant NGO -Tree for Life @myforests is running the GO GREEN social awareness campaigns with great zest .You could be a part firstly by chopping off extra plastic from your day to day life ! Be the change !

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