Justice not delayed this time -PriyankaReddyMurderCase

Justice delayed is justice denied – I quoted to a journalist who came home to take my input regarding the PriyankaReddyMurderCase , rape case !

As if the gods were listening to the prayers of millions of parents , brothers of the country or was it the frustration of the common man displayed in dharnas all over India that shook the fabric of justice ? We can’t say but the four accused were shot dead when trying to flee from the police at the crime scene .

It came as a morning shocker – because we are not tuned to such fairness ! There are more cases – millions pending ! “Nirbhaya “is 7 years old now – no justice yet ! Look at these little school girls , how innocent and happy -we do want safety for all women and girls in India . After all that is what the Betibachaobetipadao is all about !

We look up to the constitution to make an amendment which ensures the fastest justice route so that rapists shudder at the very thought of it ! No mercy here !

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