Everyone wants it !

Two of my running campaigns for environment , namely Go Green and Say No to Single Use Plastic are gearing wings . We moved to Jaipur , Rajasthan and got citizens involved . Beautiful , because it was easy ! People are willing and ready for the change – seems they were just waiting for someone to initiate . NGO Tree for Life @myforests is taking this campaign all over India .

The Go Green campaign proposes planting trees , no littering and no chopping of trees , segregation of garbage , recycling and reusing , and keeping the environment clean .

Say no to Single Use Plastic speaks for itself . The health hazards of plastic use in food and daily life , the emitting of toxins in the atmosphere and littering the oceans and mountains , rivers , villages and cities . It also talks about substitutes to a plastic living and encourages organic and traditional methods used by our grandparents , like copper vessels , steel , earthen pots , dauna – pattal , banana leaves etc for a healthier life .

We spoke to complete families , men , women , husbands -wives , grandparents , children and youth and got smiling faces supporting and promising the greener cleaner version of their cities ! It’s a tiny step but one step at a time is how we learnt to WALK , right ?

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