Going Green on Valentine’s Day

A winter morning in Uttar Pradesh , India ,we got together 600 kids from a school in Ghaziabad and celebrated Valentines Day !

It was one of a kind – “nature festival”where kindergarten kids planted trees of Jamun , mango and neem in their school premises ! Hundreds poured into the huge playgrounds with the school gardeners giving in to the excitement of the children ! The teachers were kind and joyous . I requested them to just let the children be themselves , leave the ques, enjoy the plantation and feel connected to Mother Earth ! The kids loved the free spirit of the whole experience .

We chatted and planted , watered the plants while I casually took a promise that they would look after their trees !

I also had the opportunity of an interactive session on Environment – “How about going green , a social responsibility to our planet “with the middle and high school children ! They were attentive and responsive with hordes of resounding clapping in between our session . Our NGO Tree For Life gifted each student two trees to plant wherever they wished – home , school , park or neighbourhood .

Such fests inculcate responsibility in children with a promise of a green , clean and plastic free world ! Grateful to all faculty of Vidhan Public School . My zest multiplies when our tiny programmes are mighty successful ! Cheers to a green Earth !

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