The War Of The Worlds – Quarantine

The fear keeps millions awake at night , what if we are next ?

Created by man himself , directed by political will , this pandemic is a scare ! For the last few decades environment lovers have been shouting from rooftops that the world needs to stop – we were running too fast and too blind . Governments snubbed them , science was busy with research and medicine advanced while humanity shrinked .

Human health is related to social and environment health . How our race survives depends on the well-being and coexistence of our pets , wildlife and livestock . Homosapiens are supreme – this is proving to be a myth because we are the only species which is self destructive .

Biodiversity if only addressed in big international conventions will solely make for good scripts . Air pollution , desertification are potent time bombs humanity is sitting upon ! We don’t care till we can look the other way .

Look what we did to ourselves ! Corona virus is a result of meddling with other species – breaking the balance of habitation and foodchain . Blame it on China this time , what about the future epidemics ? The human race is hell bent on lending a deaf ear ,for, growth and power is the real mantra of the millennium .

Learn we must from this pandemic as helpless we feel without a vaccine , not enough medical strength and a contagious virus to deal with .

Prayer and social distancing are the only answers. While the world markets come to a halt we lock ourselves in our homes and shudder at the thought of catching the virus next . The Universe is at play with us , teaching us lessons not to mess with the animal and plant kingdom . The price of chopping forests , polluting air and water bodies is so heavy that not only us but our next generations might also talk about the quarantine days !

Let us listen to our governments , stay at home and quarantine till the Earth heals itself .

One thought on “The War Of The Worlds – Quarantine

  1. You have put across so well about the present state of humanity. I don’t want to sound like an alarmist, but this is not the first such happening and not the last. The wicked scientists and rogue nations for their petty gains would play with the science and nature again and again.

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