What are you doing on World Environment Day 2020 ? Our Green Warrior – Major Maharishi, planting trees for public welfare on Ajmer Sanganer Highway for last 25 years is our inspiration on #WorldEnvoronmentDay2020

Tree for Life is 11 years old now . We rose from the ground and still work in the dust ! Our efforts maybe small but the zest and public involvement is encouraging !

This Environment day we are running 2 of our campaigns .

The first is GoGreen encouraging tree plantation , garbage segregation ,addressing air and river pollution .

The second is Say no to plastic ! This is very close to my heart as we are giving away cloth bags to people and speaking with them one on one to stop using polythene bags ! We started this campaign in October 2019 .

School and college kids are our strength . We love to work with them in various ways and always get to learn what the new gen thinks ! We wish that on this Environment Day we are able to stir a few more hearts to love nature and conserve the environment !

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