Are you lonely or depressed ? COVID 19

While numbers soar , hospitals are over crowded , mental state is that of uncertainty , our NGO Tree for Life brings in new hope to people ! It’s the spirit to stay connected and fight ! Our public health initiative is to break into the minds and hearts of lonely people and make them feel wanted and safe . Millions are stuck at home with issues of health and boredom which sometimes results in depression and feeling of being not wanted !

We are connecting older people to doctors , the lonely hearts to counsellors , the youth to exciting online projects and creating a chain of safety and happiness . This includes motivational activities from home like gardening , yoga , diet and motivational talks ! Our motto in these trying times is – Let there be sunshine everywhere ! Big FM helped us spread our message of mental health awareness in the month of May . We are happy to spread the warmth and joy through our campaign .

Motivational talks during Corona
With FM radio
Home gardening

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