Planting with a cause

On any given day one can help make the earth green !The monsoon is flourishing in India and I am fortunate that I enjoy the rains as well as planting trees !

My NGO Tree For Life has run many successful big and small campaigns which were inclusive of plantation with school kids, greening public parks and random deserted dry patches of land .Even in our health campaigns I have tried to give away herbal saplings or plant trees in the vicinity as a symbol of nature being the root of good health .

I plant trees on every occasion in the family and encourage people to do so .On my birthday this year ,2020 ,I ventured out with a gardener and a volunteer to plant Jamun ,Neem ,Mango ,Bargad and Bel trees in the community .

Our campaign Go Green is a continuous process ,each one plant one !

The mango !

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