THE BEGINNING – Prarambh 2020

The biggest convoy of 30 global leaders and 6 exhilarating panel discussions! Prarambh 2020 was such a hands on event .It focused on how the Next Gen is to be future ready !

Covid19 is an eye opener ! It shoved into our faces what we avoided all these years ! Our responsibility to the society and the environment itself .

In this two day event experts from various fields shared what they thought would be a guideline for the young adults ! What are the career options in this era ? Is working from home the new norm ? Will everything get virtual in the work arena ? Will office spaces slowly become obsolete ? How do we cope with this new lifestyle ?

As an environment and health advocate I pinpointed how multitasking and multi talented people would be new leaders ! How multiple skills would take us forward .Why is it important now to be an expert in more than one thing ? You can be an engineer who also runs a cake shop ! You can be a blogger and an astronaut ! This is the new world .The youth are truly magical -we can trust them with their sharpness and keen eye !

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