Not surprised at all with choking throats ,masks and breathless people all around me ! I see this every year ,now for a decade .Am I tired of fighting it out for my people -No !

Air pollution is a major challenge in many countries but in India we are in a gas chamber like situation . The AQI is crossing 400 already in Delhi NCR while Diwali ,our main festival is still two weeks away !

There is a new ordinance in the making ,with defaulters to be fined Rs 1 crore or 5 years of imprisonment.It will take time to be cleared with the Supreme Court and then who knows how much time it takes to be implemented on ground !

Let the state governments leave behind their blame games concerning stubble burning and sit down in harmony to solve the air pollution menace ! With Covid already a public health emergency ,can India afford to provide good and sufficient health care to respiratory and other health threats due to air pollution ?

Breathless ! Delhi

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