Is Climate Change affecting the food on your plate ?

With growing demand for food and blind consumerism which knows no bounds , we are heading for a crash of the food industry .

I was in a serious conversation this week with Parallel Lives Network and Docmedia centre ,UK about how agriculture is being affected by the ClimateCrisis and viceversa .
The fear is that the water wars of the world will be followed by food battles !

The education of crop rotation , limiting demand for food ,going local , noplastic packaging and consumer awareness seem like little steps but will go a long way in diminishing carbon emissions and heating up the planet .

Excessive rainfall , typhoons , melting glaciers , untimely snowfall , flooding are mere indicators of an upset earth !

India is a pioneer in using solar power in its farmlands , biogas and energy projects are subsidised and agriculture laws are being reviewed . There is a tumult of change coming .
Don’t you consider this a climate shock that farmers in Napa valley are watering their vineyards with dirty water and spraying sunscreen so that the grapes donot wither in the excessive heat ?

Time to wake up and take a call ! We want action and not mere policies !

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