Air pollution @India

Come the festive season in India around November and the menace of Airpollution skyrockets ! While big promises are being made at Glasgow , COP26, we are struggling to catch a clean breath !

Back home the AQI is presently between 400-500 . The Central Pollution Control Board shares daily data that sends shivers down our spine ! How does one remain healthy with such high pollutants in the air ?

Health suffers , mental health too ! The state governments of four states play the blame game while Delhi NCR citizens wonder who is going to take the responsibility of solving it ? TV channels are addressing the issue in full flare . Environmentalists are loosing patience over the incompetence of the state government . Who will stop the stubble burning , do we only blame crackers burst during Diwali? The answer lies within the mysterious burning of Parali in midnight and non implementation of pollution norms for industry and construction sector . I on the other hand speak up loud and clear on behalf of my countrymen . Give us our basic right for clean air !

One thought on “Air pollution @India

  1. Mam aapko aaj redio fm per suna .Aap jo kaam kar rahe hain sarahniye hai .
    Mera chota sa kaam pot &plants ka hai main aapke sath mil ker kaam karna chahta hoon .
    Delhi se ek kalakaar jo sangeetagye or sangeet premi bhi hai

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