DSC04915DSC04905DSC04912DSC04913DSC04914DSC04904DSC04909The celebration of RUSSIAN National Day was regal .Beautiful lighting in the lawns,girl jazz band all the way from Moscow and 200 guests from all embassies and Indian diplomats. Few desrving Indians were fecilitated with Russian awards and titles . In the pictures are American ambassador ,Ratan Kaul,Kavita AShok,Nasir,Deepak,Promilla of Delhi diary and Dr Neeraj Sahini.Kavita Ashok soaking the magnificance of the dinner hall and the embassy lawns .

A meeting with Minister of State for External Affairs MsPreneet Kaur at an Embassy dinner

DSC04811A formal dinner with the Ambassadors of all countries is always a royal affair .Great interaction and hospitality !This picture is with the MInister of State for External Affairs Ms Preneet Kaur ,flanked by Mr K.L Malhotra ,Ms Ratan Kaul and Kavita Ashok .
An evening to remember .

National Day of Africa ..Celebration

DSC04798The national day of Africa was celebrated at Vasant continental with a gathering of all Ambassadors and delegates .Surprisingly I could spot a few kids too ,now that is sweet because it was really a celebration in the true and complete sense ! HRD minister Dr Shashi Tharoor presided the event, chased by media .This was followed by dinner ,though it was hot in the open lawns even at 8pm .Spotted were Ratan kaul ,Mr K.L Malhotra and Kavita Ashok from ICUNR and ICHR,Renu Malhotrs,Mr Suresh Kumar and Kallol Bhattacherjee from The Week .

Russian Ambassador Facilitated by The Delhi Study Group




DSC04793To facilitate HE Mr Alexander Kadikan , for completing 25 years in India as the Russian Ambassador ,The Delhi Study group headed by Mr Vijay Jolly organised an event at the Constitution club of India ,Rafi Marg .The event was very well attended by Ambassadors and other diplomats ,the Mayor of North Delhi ,Sarita Choudhary -The mayor of South Delhi and so on .
The pictures are with the ambassadors of Taiwan and Kazakistan ,one with Mr Vijay Jolly and the last one with the Russian ambassador and Mr Vijay Jolly .
The highlight of the ceremony was the Russian Ambassadors speech in pure Hindi !